Bitcoin Money

Bitcoin Money is a digitized, distributed, and secure ledger that guarantees immutable transactions and solves the trust problem when two parties exchange value. Our goal is to be a bridge to everyone and a solution to critical problems that improve the quality of life. To enhance the quality of life, you need financial freedom.

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Blockchain is a digitized, distributed, and secure ledger that guarantees immutable transactions and solves the trust problem when two parties exchange value. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin rely on blockchain to conduct transactions. Yet blockchain transcends cryptocurrencies and offers many solutions that are likely to disrupt numerous industries with some profound implications. According to data by Bit Info Charts, people are currently paying $28 on average to make transactions using digital currency.


Token Distribution










Business development


Pancake swap


BTCMY Solutions


QI 2021

We begin expanding our team, start marketing, building the
website, and getting listed on coinmarketcap and coingecko

QI 2021
Q2 2021

We will begin listing on multiple exchanges and gaining
partnerships with various large companies

Q2 2021
Q3 2021

Redesign of the website goes live, reduces token supply, and
expands listings on new exchanges.

Q3 2021
Q3 2021

Listing on well-known platforms such as Binance

Q3 2021
Q4 2021

Creation of a new roadmap

Q4 2021

Marketing Strategy


Bitcoin money will partner with several financial institutions and blockchain companies to help promote its exchange globally.

Social Media Marketing

Social media today is an efficient marketing strategy for every industry. Bitcoin money will adopt all social media.

Airdrop and Campaigns

Airdrop and bounty campaigns are some of the best marketing strategies for every crypto project. Free tokens will be given out all through.

Blockchain Events

As a global exchange, Bitcoin money will host several blockchain summits in various continents of the world these events will bring

Listing on Exchanges

Our token will be listed on major top volume exchanges. Our token and exchange will be listed on coinmarketcap, this is to enable our users to know our rank on coinmarketcap.


In today's businesses, word of mouth is the most efficient marketing strategy. We will ensure our support offers 24/7 support to our customers and users of our exchange.

Blockchain forums

Cryptocurrency forums today serve as an effective tool for promotion. Forums like Bitcoin talk have a significant influence on every blockchain project. Our project will be listed on various cryptocurrency forums.

Public Relation

We will ensure effective public relations. PR articles will be released weekly on top cryptocurrency blogs like Cointelegraph, newsbtc, icobench, etc.


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